5 Amazing Health Benefits to a Standing Desk

5 Amazing Health Benefits to a Standing Desk

In the day and age of biohacking, anything that can optimize human health and performance is considered a must.  This is why standing desk are becoming so popular.  Standing desks are desks that allow an individual to stand while working without having to set up a crate or a stack of books to bring things to their level.  If you have a job that requires you to work at a desk all day then it is likely that you are constantly sitting and not moving your body very much.  This can be a recipe for disaster.  For this reason, standing desks are generally looked at as being items that can improve overall health.  Here are the five biggest health benefit of a stand-up desk.

man stand up desk1. Improved Heart Health

Science has shown us that those individuals who spend more time being sedentary have a much greater risk of cardiovascular disease.  It is not uncommon for people who sit all day to display signs of cardiovascular dysfunction.  Research has found that individuals who stand for work rather than sit have a much lower risk of heart disease.

2. Blood Sugar Regulation

Elevated blood glucose and insulin can be common contributors to many of the chronic diseases we see today.  Studies looking at mixing in standing with sitting versus sitting alone resulted in much lower resting blood sugar levels.  A great time to stand up is after you eat lunch since research has also demonstrated that this practice can result in lower blood glucose levels.


3. Treat Back Pain

If you have ever been around someone who sits at a desk all day, then you have definitely heard them complain of back pain.  Many factors contribute to back pain from constant sitting, including poor posture and uncomfortable seats.  Standing rather than sitting can have a profound effect on improving lower back pain and this has been supported by the research.


4. Energy Boostwoman standing desk

It is easy to become lethargic when sitting at a desk all day.  Standing can allow you to move around more and keep yourself awake and engaged with your work.  Who knows, you may even experience increases in work productivity.

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5. Weight Loss

This may be one of the most common reasons why individuals may use a standing desk.  It should not come as a surprise that standing is far superior to sitting when it comes to energy expenditure.  These extra calories burned while standing can add up over the course of the week and allow for some serious progress with weight loss.

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Standing desks are a great way to improve general health and should be considered by most individuals who have a job that keeps them in a chair most of the day.  There are some very cool stand up desks coming out now that allow for you to adjust the desk just right to fit your preference.  There are also standing desks that you can set on a table you already have to fit your space.  It doesn’t matter what you choose, just stand!


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