About Us

We are a team of writers and researchers working hard to provide honest articles and reviews with top-selling health and fitness related products, fact-based evidence, and combining this with the wisdom of the crowd.

The current approach to buying health products and services is broken. It is all about choice, but too much choice is confusing and takes a lot of time to read all the reviews.

You can find lots of reviews for a product, but how do you know which product is better than the other?

Which product is the most effective for my needs?

Who can you trust for advice?

This is why we created Trusted Body, the new crowd-sourced service to get real expert reviews and combine this with real users sharing honest product experiences. We capture the wisdom of the crowd, to show you which is truly the best product.

Our Vision

To provide actionable and informative information to improve your Brain, Energy, Action and Mind.

We like to call this BEAM.