What’s the Best Diet Plan for Women Over 50? The Truth May Surprise You

What’s the Best Diet Plan for Women Over 50? The Truth May Surprise You

Have you found yourself asking “What is the best diet plan for women over 50?”

If you’ve spent any amount of time attempting to lose weight and get the body you have always wanted you have probably wondered this from time to time.

Why then, do so many women fail to not only lose the weight they want, but get the actual body shape they desire?

Let’s dive in a little deep today and explore exactly what it means to lose weight, how to do it in the best fashion possible and inform you of how you can lose as much weight as you want at any age and get the body you have always wanted.

Diet Plans: Stick To It

The leading cause of people failing to lose the weight they want and ultimately get the body of their dreams is because they just don’t stick to their diet plan.

So what is the best plan? The best plan involves choosing one that will work for you in the long-term.

  • Satisfied
  • Not leave you miserable
  • Not leave you hungry constantly by making your meals tiny
  • Able to stick to it over the long run!

Nothing will work if you aren’t able to stick to it, and, unfortunately, brute-force dieting techniques in which you manipulate your will-power tend to have a high failure rate.

Constantly changing your entire life around and suffering all in the name of weight loss will not lead down a good road.

What’s the point of dieting and looking hot again if you can’t even enjoy your body and show it off during social events?

The answer here is to use a method that will allow you to enhance your life not take it over!

Don’t suffer and remain miserable just in the name of fat loss.

Just Lose Fat or Have Your Dream Body?

If you want to just simply lose some fat from your body (and muscle as well), then you can definitely do that and no one will really care.

Honestly, it’s a great idea to lose extra fat if you’re holding on to it, so you may as well head here to learn about how you can lose fat by calculating your calories correctly. 

However, as you may already know, building muscle and lifting weights (resistance training) is so important especially as one ages – and especially for women – because of its ability to help with and actually prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a really massive issue affecting the elderly population, and as you near 50 and above, you will definitely benefit from lifting weights.

Lifting weights isn’t the only way to combat osteoporosis, so don’t feel bad if you don’t want to do that.

Exercise itself is enough to help out with it and this means you can do things like:

  • Walking outdoors
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Spin classes…
  • and many more

If the weather currently sucks where you are, we have a variety of guides on choosing the best exercise equipment for your home which you’re welcome to check out here if you wish.

Just make sure to scroll through all the pages to see everything ranging from ellipticals, treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, recumbent bikes and more.

With that said, if you still choose to simply lose weight without adding resistance training or exercise at all into your routine you are more than welcome to do so, although we don’t recommend that.

By the way, even though you’re free to choose whatever you want to do, we still 100% stand behind our recommendation of employing a workout program since it has so many benefits (especially as you age).

One of the hottest programs for women right now is written by Rusty Moore from Visual Impact for Wome.

You can learn more about how thousands of women have been shredding fat off their bodies and have been achieving their dream body here.

Dieting for Women: What’s the Best Strategy?

If you are looking to just lose weight, all you really have to do is eat fewer calories than you are consuming.

The article we linked to above will describe exactly how to do that, but that still leaves the question: what is the best way to consume those calories throughout the day?

Are you someone who likes eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, and enjoys the occasional snack throughout the day?

Well, the bad news is that it will be very difficult to lose weight while still being able to eat all of those meals unless you are really alright with eating the tiniest of tiny bird-like meals which will leave you feeling miserable and defeated.

What we do is employ a weight-loss strategy called Intermittent Fasting.

By combining intermittent fasting with the correct calorie consumption, you will be able to eat massive, satisfying meals and you will be able to also eat all the foods you personally love that you may have said NO to up until now.

Check out our guide to intermittent fasting here and check out Greg O’Gallagher’s quick video on intermittent fasting down below to see how it works!

The thing with fasting is that you will be able to stick to your dieting efforts because it provides you with a much more enjoyable way to remain in a caloric deficit.

When you push your meals later into the day and enjoy water and coffee beforehand, you will leave yourself much more room to eat bigger, heartier and much more satisfying meals.

And best of all, you’ll be able to eat all those “guilty pleasures” you have been depriving yourself of thus far.

No more of that nonsense!

How Much Food Should You Be Eating?

Of course as you age, your calorie requirements will change – and if you followed our above guide on how many calories you need, you will more than likely have to play around with those numbers anyway.

This means either reducing them or increasing them based on our weight loss guide.

Hormones have a lot to do with this and so does your metabolism, but fret not – just because your body burns less calories than when you were in your 30s does not mean you can’t lose weight.

The attainment of this body is definitely possible at any age.

We even feature a woman in this article who not only acquired her dream physique, but who has also become a fitness celebrity as well at 60 years of age!

That’s pretty sweet and impressive, and she’s hot! 

Although exercise requirements and calorie requirements change over time, these things by themselves are not limiting factors.

It lies within our attitude as to what we can accomplish and guess what – if you think you can’t do something you’re probably right, and if you think you CAN do something you’re probably right as well.

And it’s so true. You must believe you can get your weight down and work out to get in great shape, and it will happen!

Give that a watch and we’ll catch up afterwards.

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Well we believe that this is it for today, and if you want to learn more about diet strategies please check out Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact for Women as we believe that this is the best program for women to lose weight and finally get the bodies of your dreams.

If you have any questions, leave them below and we hope to see you in the next one!


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