Best Low Carb Snacks on the Go

Best Low Carb Snacks on the Go

Low carb dieting is all the rage.  From the weight loss to the optimization of general health to even the management of some diseases, this lifestyle continues to gain popularity.  When it comes to adhering to a low carb diet, it is essential for an individual to find hacks that allow them to stay on track with their diet.  One of the most common times when someone is prone to slipping up on a low carb diet is when they are on the run or when they are in need of a snack.  To combat this, preparation is key.  To prepare, here are 5 of the best low carb snacks for your to pack and bring with you when you are on the go.

1. Nuts

Nuts are not only low in carbohydrates but they are also a solid protein source and are abundant in healthy fat. Due to their caloric density, they make a great snack on the go since they can help keep you feeling full for several hours after consuming. Certain nuts are lower in carbohydrates (like macadamia nuts) compared to other nuts which are higher (like cashews).  This means if you are following an extremely low carbohydrate diet such as a ketogenic diet, then it may be worth it to do your research on the best nut for you!

2. Cheese

If you do not have any difficulties with dairy then cheese can make a great low carb snack on the go. Cheese sticks, in particular, are one of the best options since they are easy to pack.  However, some brand have cheese that come in little rolls or blocks which also makes them a good option!

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3. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is a great protein packed snack option that can be easily brought on the go. It is again worth noting if you are on an extremely low carb diet then do your homework.  Certain brands of beef jerky can have a pretty high amount of sugar compared to others.

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4. Pork Rinds

Not everyone is on board with the pork rind bandwagon yet and I get it! The idea of fried pig skins doesn’t sound all that appetizing but it sure is tasty!  And it is low carb and a  very easy snack on the go.  If you have had regular pork rinds and didn’t like them, try the other flavors they have out there! See our top 12 foods that you need to avoid to stay healthy.

5. Low Carb Protein Bars

Packing a low carb protein bar can be a great way to fuel your body on the go and stay low carb. Look for bars that are low in sugar and higher in fiber!

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There are just some of the most popular low carb foods that can be great additions to your busy schedule.  Try each of them and get creative by adding your own.  Just remember that being busy and on the go is not an excuse to blow off your diet!  Especially since the majority of these foods are available at any gas station you stop at!

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