Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Whole Food Alkalizer & Detoxifier


Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Whole Food Alkalizer & Detoxifier is an organic green super food dietary supplement formulated to assist the body with detoxifying and maintaining an ideal pH balance.


Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Whole Food Alkalizer & Detoxifier is loaded with a variety of raw, and organic ingredients. The ingredients in this dietary supplement is almost like taking the entire produce section of the grocery store and condensing it into a more convenient powder form. It is Non-GMO project verified,  USDA Certified Organic, Certified Vegan, NSF Certified Gluten Free, Raw, Dairy Free and Soy Free.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Whole Food Alkalizer & Detoxifier is loaded with 34 nutrient-dense greens, sprouts, veggies, and fruits, including the Garden of Life proprietary RAW organic U.S. farmed green juice blend of barley grass juice, alfalfa grass juice, wheat grass juice, oat grass juice, and Kamut™ grass juice. Alkalizing ingredients in this product include lemon juice, coconut water, algae calcareous, cracked-wall chlorella, ginger root, spinach, and kale. In addition, this product also contains a probiotic and enzyme blend to aid in digestion and maintenance of a healthy gut.

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Mixed reviews on taste. It has that earthy/grassy taste found in similar products when mixed with water. Reviews have said that when mixed with smoothies, juice, or milk, this product tastes great.


  • 1 serving (9g) contains 30 calories, 2 grams carbohydrates, 1 gram fiber, 0 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein. The nutritional facts do not list the amount of sugars in this product.
  • Vitamins and Minerals – This is where this product really stands out from other green superfood supplements. It is loaded with an array of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, meaning they are not added to this supplement, but rather are coming from the whole foods found in this supplement. Electrolytes in this supplement include calcium (8% D.V.), magnesium (8% D.V.), potassium (6% D.V.), and sodium (2% D.V.). It also includes a good supply of vitamins B12 (35% D.V.), iron (15% D.V.), and zinc (15%), as well as a variety of other vitamins and minerals.

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  • Garden of Life Alkalizer & Detoxifier costs about $1.10 per serving.
  • Retails for around $33 for a 10.1 oz (30 servings) container. This is a good value considering it is loaded with ingredients and is much lower in cost compared to similar products.


  • A large variety of organic fruits, veggies, sprouts, and greens, much more so than similar products.
  • A good source of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • Does not include green tea, matcha, or any other type of stimulates.


  • 2-3 times more calories and sugar than similar products, but still considerably low in both calories and sugar

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