Is a Low Carb Diet Good for Weight Loss? Debunking Fitness Myths Vol. 2

So folks, we’re at it again. This time I am going to tackle a HUGE issue – one that hits home for me. 

With all the misinformation being spread around the internet regarding many things, the fitness industry is the worst in my opinion. People want to focus all their attention on the latest, greatest and newest gadget, diet, advice – and it’s all rubbish.

What you’re failing to understand are the basics. The basics, he says. The basics of what exactly? The basics of dieting, nutrition, weight loss, muscle building – whatever the case may be – and unfortunately, there is no band-aid solution.

Eating a low carbohydrate diet is a BAND AID solution to the fundamental issue. The issue is that you, or other people, are not understanding the principles of weight loss and what leads to that. Keep reading this article to learn more about what this all means for you.

The things I hear on a daily basis make me cringe – and for a good reason. They’re simply wrong  at best and deceitful at worst.

In this edition of Debunking Fitness Myths I want to answer (truthfully and honestly) the question of whether or not a low carb diet is good for weight loss.

So, IS a Low Carb Diet Good for Weight Loss?

Let’s get one thing out of the way. A caloric deficit is the only method that will allow you to lose weightThis is good news for you because you don’t have to stop eating carbs! YAY! All you have to do is consume less calories than your body requires on a daily/weekly basis.

That’s right. Now you can go enjoy that pizza you’ve been craving.

Whether you run for miles and burn ten million calories, or you bike everywhere, walk for 100 miles, eat less candy, eat more chicken, eat less sugar, eat more pizza, drink 100 beers a week, or torture yourself into eating “clean” – there is one common theme in losing fat – you are consuming less calories than you’re burning!

The method you employ to achieve the energy deficit does not matter – whether it’s low carb or burning hundreds of calories doing cardio exercises.

To further prove my point: THIS guy lost 27lbs only eating frikkin Twinkies, man!

Now, no matter what you’re doing, if you’re losing weight, you are eating less calories than you’re burning.


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Different Methods for Different People

Now, am I bashing low carb diets? No I am not. If that’s what you like, then go for it. Actually, if you choose to eat less carbohydrates, there is some evidence suggesting that this helps with insulin levels and hormone regulation.

In addition, low carb diets leave you more calories to eat very nutrient-dense foods like meat, vegetables and fruit – but just remember, fruits are supremely high in sugar which is a carbohydrate.

Should you choose to employ a low carbohydrate diet in order to achieve your fat-loss goals I commend you. I just really…really…. want you to understand the true mechanisms of why you’re losing fat. It’s not because you consume less carbs – it’s because you’re eating less overall calories.

As a matter of fact, this is how I was able to shred off 27 pounds in 6 months effortlessly and in a way that I loved WITHOUT a Ketogenic, Low-Carb or other nonsense diets. 

My View of My Own Fat Loss Method vs. Low Carb Diets

For me, I enjoy carbs. Therefore, I incoporate them into my diet because without them, I would just be miserable. Why would I want to be miserable? Just to lose weigh? F* that. 

I want to eat some ice cream, some candy, some pizza, hamburgers with buns, I want to drink some calorie dense liquids once in a while, I want to drink beer, eat gummy bears and slam back a heap of popcorn at the movies – all while just melting the fat off so effortlessly.

I can do this is because I understand the true mechanism of why my body is melting fat. I want you to have the same ability!

We all need to understand the fundamental principles of how physiology works. It will just help you in the end.

Logging Food Intake:
Understanding HOW MUCH We’re TRULY Eating

Alright guys, let’s get this out of the way. If you are not keeping track of the amount of nutrition your body is consuming in the form of calories, you will never be able to get to your weight loss goals, PERIOD.

Therefore, in a day, I record everything I eat. I own a food scale and I weigh my food. This is an absolute requirement and cannot be skipped under any circumstances whatsoever. 

There is one alternative and Radu Antoniu from has a really good way of explaining how to do a “Diet Structure”. If done correctly, you won’t have to track your calories or macros very closely (besides protein). Check out his article here.

I log everything, and I have a daily calorie target depending on what my goals are – lose fat, maintain my current weight or utilise a few extra calories to build some more solid muscle.

If you want to learn more about how to calculate your own personal calorie requirements for whatever goals you have, please read this article.

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Read the article to learn about how many calories you need – then begin weighing your food and learn about how many calories the foods you love have. This is a great way to be able to continue to eat everything you love. 

Who wants to torture themselves?

Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity

The most basic principle of my own weight and physique goals are this – I want it, but I do NOT want it bad enough to torture myself.

This means losing fat and weight all while enjoying the process and continuing to eat and consume the foods I personally love is absolutely mandatory! 

I will never cut out foods I love – simply because I have the understanding that this just isn’t required or necessary in any shape or form.

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Cut Out Foods I love and Suffer/Torture Myself?

What foods do you love the most? Ice cream? Sausages? Think about the single food you could never live without. What if I told you that you’ll never lose weight until you cut that out?

How manageable would it be to stick to that?

It wouldn’t be manageable, at least for me.

I don’t have the willpower to do this.

What if I told you that the only way to stick to your dieting goals is to INCLUDE all the foods you want? Wouldn’t it make you MORE likely to stick to your “diet” long term?

Think about it. . .

Think about it long and hard. You should eat what you love and understand the mathematics behind losing fat. Let me know in the comments below what you guys think and let me know your favorite foods to eat!

I love bagels, pizza, potatoes, chicken, fruit and vegetables and dark chocolate. Those are my personal favorite foods.

As I mentioned up above, this strategy helped me shred off 27 pounds while continuing to eat all the foods I loved – including cake, fries, pizzas, etc.

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