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2018 Benefits Of Green Juice Reviewed

Why Green Juices? What’s so grand about drinking this stuff?  To begin with, the health benefits really start adding up.  Green juices have many of the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and pro- and prebiotics our bodies need to function properly.  Green juices also contain vast varieties of herbs, algae, and adaptogens that support the body’s functions including hormone balance, stress reduction, and immune response. Drinking quality green juices and powders that are meticulously formulated, conveniently packaged, and held to the highest nutritional standards, you receive a flood of health benefits in a stress-free manner.  All this makes green juices the

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet

Magic Bullet vs NutriBullet – Which Is Right For Me?

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Getting The Most From Your NutriBullet Blender If you’re like many people, eating healthy is a big priority for you. One of the best ways to get adequate nutrition is through smoothies and protein shakes filled with healthy goodness. A well-made personal blender like the NutriBullet blender is a great investment if you’re looking to eat healthy and you lead a busy life. You can put your ingredients in, pulse, remove the cup, and get out the door! The two biggest competitors in this market of grab-and-go blending are NutriBullet and Magic Bullet, and both companies make fantastic devices. What

Best Vitamix Blenders

Which Vitamix Blender Is Right For Me?

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Why Vitamix? If you’re into health and well-being, a fruit/veggie smoothie is probably something you’ve invested in a few times. Juicing is pretty popular currently, and a return to eating whole foods is something every health-conscious person should be keeping in mind at all times. With that said, not many blenders can stand up to the rigors of all the healthy, good-for-you fruits, nuts, and vegetables you might want to include in your diet. The Vitamix doesn’t have that problem. Though their price point is a bit higher than many other blenders, they’re able to handle a broad range of

best krill oil supplements
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The Best Krill Oil Supplements To Buy Online

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What is Krill Oil? You’ve probably heard about taking Omega-3 fish oil for heart health – it’s a very common supplement, taken by millions of people every day, but have you heard of krill oil? Boasting the same vibrant Omega-3 fatty acid profile as fish oil, krill oil is significantly more sustainable than fish oil harvesting. In addition, krill oil is substantially less likely to be contaminated by high levels of mercury. So just what is krill? Well, krill is a type of sea-dwelling, tiny crustacean. They look like tiny shrimp, and they live all over the world, feeding on

gut health test
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Is Your Gut Healthy? Find out with Viome

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What exactly is “gut microbiome testing”? Whenever you feel alone, realize that you are anything but, because you have literal billions of little critters living in your intestines. While your first response might be terror or disbelief, these little guys are far too small to see or feel. Beyond that, gut microflora play an important role in the development or prevention of a lot of bodily processes, such as: Metabolic function Brain function Development or prevention of coronary artery disease Potential role in autism Immune health Gastrointestinal illness, like irritable bowel syndrome Mental illness, such as anxiety and depression Potentially

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How Many Calories in a Banana? The Amount & Type of Carbs in a Banana

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Bananas are among the most popular and enjoyed fruits across the world. In fact, they are a staple in some countries. They contain a lot of nutrients and carbohydrates, which is one of the reasons they are very popular among athletes. But perhaps you want to include bananas in your diet, but you’re not so sure about the number of calories in a banana. In this post, you’ll get to learn about the type and amount of carbs in a banana, the health benefits of bananas as well as how to incorporate them into your diets. How many carbs in