The Best DHEA Supplement Benefits

DHEA Supplements: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Dosage and Effectiveness

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What is DHEA? Among the most popular supplements out there – protein powder, fish/krill oil, BCAAs and the like – you’ve probably encountered DHEA (or dehydroepiandrosterone). It’s a hormone secreted by the various adrenal glands in the human kidneys, and it plays a major role in over 150 of the body’s metabolic functions. DHEA is a precursor for male and female sex hormones because DHEA can be converted under the right conditions into either estrogen or testosterone. Because estrogen and testosterone drive many functions within the human body, DHEA is instrumental in muscle development, fat loss, sex drive, and a

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The Benefits of Cold Showers for Your Health, Body and Mind!

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If you could do one thing each morning to improve nearly every aspect of your health, would you do it? Well my cautiously courageous reader, that one thing is simply plunging yourself into a crisp icy cold shower in the grey hours of the morning. Even the Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss take cold showers every morning. Still with me? Good! You are quite the little adventurer. This character building activity you so boldly agreed to do does indeed have numerous health benefits at the low cost of a few gallons of water and the bravery of your soul. A

best krill oil supplements
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The Best Krill Oil Supplements To Buy Online

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What is Krill Oil? You’ve probably heard about taking Omega-3 fish oil for heart health – it’s a very common supplement, taken by millions of people every day, but have you heard of krill oil? Boasting the same vibrant Omega-3 fatty acid profile as fish oil, krill oil is significantly more sustainable than fish oil harvesting. In addition, krill oil is substantially less likely to be contaminated by high levels of mercury. So just what is krill? Well, krill is a type of sea-dwelling, tiny crustacean. They look like tiny shrimp, and they live all over the world, feeding on

Bodyweight Workout Pull Ups

Best Bodyweight Workouts For Both Men & Women

We’ve quickly been growing our readership this past year and we wanted to extend a huge thank you for all the support so far. I know we’ve been focusing more on Buyer’s Guides and how to choose the best home exercise equipment, but we haven’t forgotten about our roots – providing our readership with the information they’re after when it comes to working out and losing weight. We, therefore, present to you The Best Bodyweight Workout for Men & Women. So a popular topic these days in the fitness community is bodyweight training. Don’t get me wrong – bodyweight training

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Is Your Gut Healthy? Find out with Viome

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What exactly is “gut microbiome testing”? Whenever you feel alone, realize that you are anything but, because you have literal billions of little critters living in your intestines. While your first response might be terror or disbelief, these little guys are far too small to see or feel. Beyond that, gut microflora play an important role in the development or prevention of a lot of bodily processes, such as: Metabolic function Brain function Development or prevention of coronary artery disease Potential role in autism Immune health Gastrointestinal illness, like irritable bowel syndrome Mental illness, such as anxiety and depression Potentially

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12 Tips to Improving Your Sleep: The Ultimate Sleep Guide

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“I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” How many times have you heard someone say that? It makes it sound like sleep is just an option we choose from the menu and not a hardcore necessity of life. So which is it? Something that’s nice to have a lot of, but getting by on the bare minimum is a-ok? Or should we learn how to sleep faster? Or do we absolutely NEED full nights of quality sleep? Let’s take a look shall we? So, in this article, we’ll explore: · Importance of sleep (hint: we talk about REM & non-REM) · What