Visual Impact for Women Review: Are Women Getting What They Want?

Program: Visual Impact for Women
Author: Rusty Moore
Where to Buy: Exclusively at Visual Impact by Rusty Moore
Guarantee: 60-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Do you want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model instead of a professional powerlifting woman? This program might just be exactly what you’re looking for!

So, here we are, exploring one of the most popular workouts in the last decade or so and deliver you the Visual Impact for Women Review – One of Rusty Moore’s most popular workout programs.

This program has been a hot-seller for a long time and has been subject to various acts of plagiarism and theft over the course of this time frame.

We know at least a couple of different people who have outright stolen Rusty’s work and today we owe Rusty an homage in the form of ‘bringing it back to where it belongs’ so to speak.

Who is this Program Designed For?

Obviously, men and women are going to differ in probably two main areas of fitness:

  1. Physique goals in terms of how you want to look
  2. What your body is capable of doing (in terms of muscle building)

That’s why Rusty has gone and created a course specifically designed for women and their goals.

Now, many women will still be interested in obtaining a highly muscular physique with shredded arms and abs, and we’re cool with that, but if you’re not into that and would rather have a slim, sexy and proportionate body, this program is definitely for you.

With that said, this program is mainly designed for women that want to be sexy, slim and firm but still look sleek and fantastic in dresses and other attire.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you’re interested in obtaining a great body and physique without adding an excessive amount of bulk to your frame.

Unfortunately, many fitness trainers have been outright ignoring these requests made by their female clientele in favour of just tossing together a generic workout plan to save time.

This has left women frustrated, aggravated and not really any closer to their physique goals.

That’s really too bad, and Rusty has come in just at the right time with his Visual Impact for Women course.

What You Will Get Out of This Program.

If it is your main goal to make fitness fit into your lifestyle and not have fitness be dictated by your lifestyle, then the Visual Impact for Women will be a great product for you.

Also, you’re probably wanting to get into slim, feminine and sexy shape without adding bulk. That’s exactly what this program is designed for.

Aside from that, you’re probably wanting to be in the best shape you can be and you probably want to feel good about yourself while you do it too.

This can absolutely be done, no question about it.

Here’s a little bit about Rusty:

  • Rusty’s blog became very popular quickly and was getting over 1 million viewers per year
  • He’s been selected to help runway models obtain their physiques and to give them dieting and nutrition advice (in a healthy way, not like what they were used to)
  • With his extensive fitness background, Rusty knows exactly what it takes to give women the ultimate physique they’re after

Visual Impact for Women consists of an 89-page manual, written directly by Rusty covering aspects of:

  • dieting
  • nutrition
  • muscle building for correct feminine proportions
  • lifting frequency
  • exercise days range from 4 days per week or even just 3 for those women who are very busy otherwise
  • how to use fitness to enhance your lifestyle instead of planning your life around it
  • dieting down for some kind of an event (wedding, or anything else)
  • limitless customisation options for the workouts so you can get exactly the body you’re after
  • one section is even devoted to losing muscle on purpose if you feel like you have excess muscle size
  • a special 229-page exercise manual so you don’t have to be confused about any aspect of working out!

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Best of all, all of the workouts in the program can either be done in a gym or the comfort of your own home*!

*Should you decide to work out at home, all you will need are dumbbells and an adjustable bench. Of course the gym-focused workouts will have more variation because you’ll have access to more equipment, but it isn’t necessary.

What are Other Women Saying About It?

Why take anything we say here as the ultimate truth?

We’ve tried to offer you a non-biased, informed review of Visual Impact for Women.

What you can expect is:

  • getting the body you want
  • not getting overly bulky and muscular like a powerlifter
  • a way to integrate fitness into your lifestyle – and NOT have your lifestyle dictated by fitness
  • enjoy one of the most healthy and feel-good lifestyles available to women today!

However, we want to offer you as much value and information available. This is why we’ve included a quick video review of a woman doing the program.

We’d like to introduce Sofia Lorenz. She’s going to go over the program with you so you can have a fantastic overview of what to expect! 

Why get bulky and ugly looking when you can actually get what you want: A perfectly proportioned, sculpted and toned body all while still living your life and enjoying all the foods you love.

Why Visual Impact for Women Over Other Courses?

The traditional school of thought when it comes to working out is that you must do the “three big exercises”:

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Squats
  3. Benchpress

What these programs fail to realise, however, is that not everyone is cut from the same cloth first of all, and not all women want to have a powerlifter physique with overdeveloped backs, biceps and chests.

Most women we have ever spoken to want a slender, curvy yet feminine physique that their male counterparts also enjoy!

That’s something special to us, and there really isn’t much out there in the form of programs that help you with that instead of getting massive and bulky.

Rusty’s Visual Impact will help you discover what you’re really after and will help you tailor your workout to exactly the physique goals you have for yourself and your body.

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If You Don’t Like It, Get Your $$$ Back, No Questions Asked.

What we love most here is that Rusty doesn’t mess around.

He doesn’t want to steal your money just for the sake of getting paid.

With that in mind, you have 60 full days to test this out and see if it’s for you which makes the program risk-free.

We love to see that offered on products and this is no different. We don’t like to spend money when there’s a chance of risk, and this isn’t that at all.

60 days is long enough to discover whether or not this will be something you enjoy doing and if it will give you the results you’re after. If you don’t like it, don’t even worry about it!

That Settles It: Maybe There IS Something to This Program After All.

We’re not about that lifestyle here at TrustedBody to recommend things just for the sake of recommending it.

We highly recommend the Visual Impact for Women program and if you haven’t already, feel free to learn more by checking it out below.

Countless women have had results from this, and we know this as well from the plagiarised material floating about in the internet.

We’re not going to throw anyone under the bus here, but this is truly the originator of this style of training.

As always, thanks so much for reading. Have you tried any workout programs that haven’t given you the physique you want?

We want to hear from you!